Fly Control Services
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We are providing Fly Control Services for all Commercial and Industrial spaces.

  • Filth flies are an indication of insanitary conditions the primarily presence of rotting organic matter.
  • Houseflies are most common filth fly but flesh flies, blue bottle flies, and green bottle flies too can be found commonly.
  • Fly treatment relies on treating the organic matter harboring fly larvae to prevent their development into adult flies.
  • This is done by use of special insecticides called insect growth regulators which impede the development of larvae. Simultaneously, housefly adults are controlled by use of baits applied externally to lure and kill them.
  • Structures have to be proofed against flies by use of screened windows and similar barriers on any openings into the atmosphere.
  • Doors have to be provided door closers and where possible double doors have to be installed as an entry barrier.
  • Special UV-A based fly catchers help show the level of flies and are supplied by us to help customers establish an Integrated Fly Management.

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