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Bed bugs are sneaky little pests! They can also be difficult to spot due to their small size, so getting rid of them, is a challenge! Global News recently shared an article about the difficulty of killing bed bugs – “Bed bugs becoming resistant to commonly-used insecticides”.

The article shares how according to research, bed bugs have shown the ability to develop resistance to commonly used insecticide products. Research also says in the article, that these insecticides are also causing the return of these pests. Since they have built up a tolerance to the product being used, they are not truly gone! Advantage Pest Control does not rely on insecticides to get rid of bed bugs. In our previous post, we discuss the advantages of heat treatment to terminate bed bugs. We find the success rate of this treatment kills bed bugs on site, without return! Advantage Pest control does not solely rely on insecticides but rather uses an integrated approach including a targeted or general heat treatment. To find out more about our heat treatment approach, contact us at Advantage Pest Control.

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